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Glendale Brain Injury Lawyer

Often sustained during a traffic accident or one involving a significant impact to the head, brain injuries can have a long-term, and even permanent effect on the lives of their victims. From physical disability to cognitive impairment, the aftermath of a brain injury can be both devastating and traumatic for the victim and their loved ones, particularly where memory loss or other cognitive issues mean that they struggle to understand what is happening. When you go from a full life to a limited ability to care for yourself independently, it is inevitable that you suffer emotional turmoil equal to, if not greater than, the physical pain inflicted by your injuries.

When you have been affected by such serious injuries, a Glendale brain injury attorney could ensure you recover the maximum compensation available to you.

What Symptoms Do Brain Injuries Have?

As with any other injury, a brain injury may present differently in different people, however, there are some common symptoms you should be aware of. It is not always immediately obvious that a serious injury has been sustained, but delaying medical attention can have a devastating consequence. Mild traumatic brain injuries may take up to several weeks to fully develop, meaning you should be vigilant for any signs of the following in the aftermath of a car accident or other significant impact:

  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Issues with speech and language
  • Partial or full loss of hearing
  • Partial or full loss of vision
  • Headaches
  • Seizures
  • Sleep disorders
  • Behavioral disorders
  • Convulsions
  • Personality changes

Following a traumatic brain injury, it is likely that you will require extensive medical treatment, rehabilitation and therapy, to address both the physical and emotional damage you have suffered. As this tends to be an expensive process, your Glendale brain injury attorney will work tirelessly to recover the full amount of compensation you deserve. At Lorona Mead, we believe that you should never be out of pocket due to the negligence or dangerous behavior of another.

Take the time you need to recover from your injuries by enlisting our expert legal representation, and hiring us to handle your brain injury lawsuit.

Do I Have to Hire a Glendale Brain Injury Attorney?

Legally, no, you are not obliged to hire a brain injury attorney to pursue damages on your behalf. In reality, the complexities of the legal process are likely to mean that you negatively impact the outcome by attempting to represent yourself. The two most common causes of traumatic brain injuries – slip and fall accidents, and head-on car accidents – are both preventable and generally caused by negligence, a fact which a skilled Glendale brain injury attorney can use to recover maximum damages on your behalf.

To make a claim on the grounds of negligence, your lawyer must prove that:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care
  • This duty of care was breached
  • The breach led to your accident, and resulting brain injury

Proving negligence will involve a thorough investigation of your accident, and the circumstances leading up to it. When you work with a Lorona Mead lawyer, you can be certain that our solid reputation for aggressively fighting for our clients’ rights will be used to your advantage, as we do our utmost to recover the full settlement you deserve.

The steps we take may include recreating the accident, accessing your medical records, and using all available information to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions.

To discuss how a Glendale brain injury attorney could help you, call us today on 602-554-0006 for a free initial consultation.

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