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Phoenix personal injury attorney

When you, or someone close to you has been injured in an accident, whether that be a car accident, a slip and fall, a truck accident, or any other type of accident, you need the guidance and support of a highly experienced Phoenix personal injury negotiation litigation attorney to protect your rights, and to recover the compensation and damages you are entitled to, and deserve. Your insurance company, or the insurers of the responsible party, will very likely try to minimize your claim, or reject it outright. After all that is their job and they are usually very good at it. The highly experienced and esteemed Phoenix personal injury attorneys from Lorona Mead Attorneys at Law will fight to ensure you receive the monetary damages appropriate for the damages suffered by you, and your loved ones.

Our legal team has over 50 years of combined experience in handling personal injury cases of all types, and serving the people of Phoenix and the surrounding areas. We understand how intimidating it can be when you are trying to come to terms with the after-effects of your accident, and how to navigate the complexities of the Arizona legal system. At Lorona Mead, we want to make things simpler for you, and we pledge to keep your best interests as our sole focus throughout the legal process.

If you are looking for an outstanding and aggressive personal injury lawyer in the Phoenix area, the first step you should take is scheduling an initial free consultation with one of our attorneys. During this meeting, your attorney will ask some questions about your accident, your injuries, and the damages inflicted on your property. Your Lorona Mead Phoenix personal injury attorney will also need as many details as possible about your accident, including where and how it happened as well as how many other people or parties were involved. The more information you have, the better, so it is a good idea to spend some time writing down all the details you can recall, before attending your free Lorona Mead consultation.

Everything you say to your lawyer during this meeting will be kept strictly confidential, and your personal injury attorney will only ever disclose those details which are pertinent to your claim, and which you have agreed to make public. You can also rest assured that your attorney will be completely non-judgmental at all times, so there is no need to be reluctant or embarrassed about providing full details of your Phoenix personal injury claim.

Remember, a personal injury claim in Phoenix, or elsewhere in Arizona, must be filed within a strictly-defined period of time, and some aspects of your case may carry additional time restraints, for example, when you are seeking compensation from a public body. As such, to ensure that your Lorona Mead personal injury attorney can secure a successful outcome on your behalf, you should contact us as soon as possible, to enable us to build the strongest possible lawsuit.

To benefit from five decades of combined experience, a commitment to delivering excellence, and legal representation from a Phoenix personal injury attorney with a proven track record of success, schedule your free initial consultation by
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Phoenix slip and fall
Accident attorney

As the name suggests, a slip and fall accident is one where you slipped and fell on someone else’s property. This could include slipping on a recently washed or waxed floor in a store, where there was a lack of warning signs, falling due to a poorly-maintained public walkway, and anything in between. While you may believe that slip and fall accidents are a relatively minor occurrence, they can result in severe and even catastrophic injuries. If you or a loved one, has been injured due to a slip and fall accident, you deserve to receive monetary damages in respect of your injuries, and the effect they have had on your life, for example, the wages you have lost while recovering.

If you are involved in a slip and fall accident in Phoenix, our esteemed personal injury attorney recommends following these steps to help ensure any claim you may need to file can progress as quickly and smoothly as possible:

Avoid giving a recorded statement – If you call your insurance company after your slip and fall accident to discuss your injuries, they may inform you that calls may be recorded. You should be aware that you are within your rights to refuse to be recorded, and that it may be in your best interests to do so. When you consult with a Phoenix personal injury attorney, they can advise of the various ways in which this recording could be used against you but, for now, decline on the grounds of wanting your lawyer to be present before you give a statement.

Seek medical attention immediately – Not all injuries are immediately obvious and, due to the shock of your slip and fall accident, you may not be aware that you have seriously hurt yourself straightaway. Regardless, you should always seek medical attention after an accident, as the records could be used to your advantage in any subsequent personal injury claim. In addition to this, any delay could mean your injuries start to heal and do not seem to be as serious as they really were.

Gather and save any evidence – Your Phoenix personal injury attorney will advise you to keep – unwashed – the clothing you were wearing at the time of your slip and fall accident, as your clothing may contain traces of any substance that contributed to your fall. You should also keep all receipts relating to the medical expenses you have incurred, as well as a journal of all medical appointments and treatments since the slip and fall accident.

If you or a loved one, sustained injuries in a Phoenix slip and fall accident, you should speak to an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options, and how our legal expertise could protect your rights. For a free consultation,
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Phoenix Car Accident Attorney

Even a relatively minor car accident can result in catastrophic injuries, which can require a lengthy period of recovery, and fatalities are all too common in more serious car accidents. Of course, when a truck, bus, or other larger vehicle is involved in a road accident, the consequences can be even more devastating. Whether you were the driver of one of the cars involved, a passenger in a bus when it collided with other vehicles, or a pedestrian struck by an out-of-control vehicle, a Phoenix personal injury attorney from Lorona Mead could help you to get the justice you deserve.

Common Car Accident Injuries

While representing victims of Phoenix car accidents, our experienced personal injury attorneys have encountered cases involving all manner of injuries, with some of the most common including:

Neck injuries
Neck injuries
Chest injuries
Chest injuries
Back injuries
Back injuries
Broken bones
Broken bones

Whatever injuries you have sustained, there are several benefits to working with an experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney. Not only do we use our decades of experience to secure the compensation and damages you are entitled to, through working with an excellent lawyer you can also benefit from:

  • Expert legal representation and guidance when filing a lawsuit relating to serious injuries
  • Recovering the cost of expensive medical bills, including those you can expect to incur in the future
  • Outstanding counsel should your personal injury claim need to go to court

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Injured in Bus Accident, Motorcycle Accident, or Pedestrian Accident in Phoenix? Lorona Mead Attorneys Have Got Your Back

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your personal injury claim, our highly experienced and esteemed lawyers are ready and willing to put their expertise to good use on your behalf. We have successfully represented countless clients just like you, and pledge to accept nothing less than excellence while working on your case. If you believe you may have a valid claim relating to any of the following areas, or another aspect of personal injury law, you should contact us immediately to discuss how best to proceed:

Car Accident Attorney Phoenix
Car Accident Injuries

Injuries from a car accident can range from minor to severe, even catastrophic.When you have been injured due to the negligence or willful dangerous actions of others it is important that you seek assistance from a competent Phoenix personal injury attorney.

Wrongful Death Attorney Phoenix, AZ
Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is always a traumatic and devastating experience. Your family may be facing life without a significant portion of their household income, never mind the loss of companionship and support from the deceased. A Phoenix personal injury attorneycould help yourecover monetary compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit, providing you are eligible to claim. If you feel you may qualify to file a wrongful death lawsuit, you should consult a Lorona Mead personal injury attorney immediately.

When are hospitals liable for medical malpractice?
Medical Malpractice

When we seek medical attention or treatment, we do so in the belief that doctors and other medical professionals will act in a responsible and competent manner. When you or a loved one have been injured, or left with a permanent disability, due to medical malpractice, you may be entitled to recover monetary damages.

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