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Phoenix Dog Attack Lawyer

Dogs can make fantastic pets, companions and even guides for those who are visually-impaired. However, they can also inflict catastrophic injuries on innocent bystanders, should they decide to attack for one reason or another. If you, or a loved one, have been injured in a Phoenix dog attack, an attorney from Lorona Mead will use the full extent of the Arizona legal system to hold the dog’s owner accountable for the consequences of their negligence. As it is the dog owner’s responsibility to ensure their dog is kept securely on a leash when away from home, and confined within their property while at home, they can be liable to pay damages should their dog attack and injure another person.

Our decades of experience in successfully handling Phoenix personal injury cases mean our lawyers are highly skilled and qualified to provide the legal guidance and support you need.

Leash Law as It Applies in Phoenix, Arizona

Aside from the legislation enforced by Arizona, Phoenix has enacted its own law relating to the requirement to keep dogs on a leash while in public. This municipal code states that dog owners must:

  • Not allow their dog to run loose, whether on their property or in a public place
  • Provide a suitable way to enclose or confine their dog on their own property
  • When a dog is not enclosed, it must remain on a leash which is no more than 6 feet long. The dog must also be supervised at all times
  • Once a dog reaches 3 months old, a collar with license and ID attached is mandatory

Violations of this law can result in either fines or penalties applicable to a class 1 misdemeanor, depending on which section has been breached, however, it should be noted that the rules do not apply in a designated dog park.

Who is Liable After a Phoenix Dog Attack?

If a dog bite happens in a public place or on private property the victim was permitted to be on, Arizona law dictates that the dog’s owner is legally liable for the attack. The relevant section of Arizona legislation, which applies in Phoenix, states that, where this condition has been satisfied, the victim is entitled to pursue the dog owner for damages in respect of their injuries and associated costs and expenses. Unlike in some other states, the dog having no history of aggression is not a valid defense under Arizona law.

The dog owner will have one potential route of defense when contesting your claim for compensation, centering around the dog having been provoked. Where this defense is used, the judge can decide whether the victim is partially, or fully, liable for their own injuries, based on whether they could reasonably have been expected to know that their behavior or actions may provoke the dog into attacking. Should this happen in your case, you can be certain that your Phoenix dog attack attorney will be ready to spring into action, ensuring that your settlement is not unfairly compromised.

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