We all know that feeling when you hop into an Uber or Lyft vehicle, expecting to get home or reach some other destination as soon as possible, and… all of a sudden, your ride-share driver makes a turn that isn’t what your Google Maps app says is the “fastest route.”

We have all been there, some Uber and Lyft drivers purposely take a poor or longer route to milk your wallet dry. If you notice that your Uber or Lyft driver is “longhauling” (engaging in a practice of making trips longer to earn more money), you cannot help but start thinking, “Am I going to die? What is this guy planning to do with me?”

The instinct to survive is human nature itself, which is why it is not that bizarre that you are having these thoughts. But what if your Uber or Lyft driver actually knows a faster route or is simply trying to go around traffic jams? So what is really going on? You need to know the answer to that burning question.

Our Phoenix Lyft accident attorney has outlined several options for you to ensure your safety when your driver takes some incorrect or poor route during a Lyft or Uber ride. After all, we have all heard stories of Uber and Lyft riders getting sexually abused, assaulted, and robbed by their drivers.

You have these options when your Uber or Lyft driver takes a wrong route

  • The first thing you can do, which is the most obvious option, is politely asking your driver, “Sir, why are we going this way? Isn’t going from X to Y via Z faster?” Unfortunately, this question can trigger a heated verbal argument lasting for the end of the ride, which is not exactly what you are looking for. Still, given that your safety could be in danger, this option is still viable in certain circumstances.
  • Another option is to remain silent and to spend the rest of your trip trying to muster up the courage to ask the question above. If you choose this option, prepare to spend the rest of your journey stressing out and having all sorts of messed up thoughts.

“Sure, you can always call Uber or Lyft to ask them why your driver is taking a wrong route, but your driver will not be happy about you not asking him or her first,” says our experienced Lyft accident attorney in Phoenix at the Lorona Mead.

Is your Uber or Lyft driver really taking a longer route?

But there are even more things that you can do to avoid the above-mentioned to options. First and foremost, before you even begin your trip, tell your driver that there is a specific route you prefer (and depending on the situation, the driver may explain why going this way is not the most rational or fastest route).

Also, one of the most common problems of Uber and Lyft drivers seemingly taking “longer routes” is that riders accidentally put a wrong address. If you think your driver is longhauling, check your destination in the app. What if you set your drop-off address as W Greenway Rd instead of W Greenway Pkwy in Phoenix?

The first thing you want to do is double-check that you have set a correct end-address in the Lyft or Uber app. “Another thing you can do is report your driver to Uber if you believe him or her to be engaging in the practice of long hauling,” says our Phoenix Lyft accident attorney.

How to report an Uber driver for longhauling

After you finish your ride, the Uber app will send you a receipt along with a map that shows the route your driver has taken to reach destination A from Z. If your driver circled some area several times before dropping you off or you could have clearly taken a much faster and shorter route, this will show up on the map.

In your Uber app, you can go to “Help” in the menu, click on “Your Trips” and select the trip in which you believe your driver took a longer route on purpose. Then, press the “Get In Touch” button and select “Route Feedback.” In the form, describe your complaints and let Uber investigate the details of your case and, if necessary, adjust the fare to compensate for the loss of your money and time.

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