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Unsafe Habits While Driving with Your Dog - Lorona Mead
By not using safety equipment, it can greatly increase the chances of your pet suffering injuries in the event of a car collision.
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Unsafe Habits While Driving With Your Dog

Posted by Lorona Mead on February 21, 2018
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Our canine friends commonly ride as passengers with us as we drive from one destination to another. If it is a quick trip, sometimes owners do not use safety measures for their dog. By not using safety equipment, it can greatly increase the chances of your pet suffering injuries in the event of a car collision, a skilled Phoenix personal injury lawyer knows all too well. Here we have listed unsafe driving habits that can lead to your dog getting hurt if you both were to endure a vehicular crash together.

Unrestrained Dogs

The severe force of a sudden car accident can send unsecured objects flying, including any pets that are not restrained. There are many varieties of harnesses that are specially designed to hold your dog in place while sitting in a car seat. You can also use an appropriately sized crate to keep your dog in one place. The best fitting crates enable the dog to stand up and turn around, then lie down comfortably.

Dogs Riding in Owner’s Lap

If a dog is riding in the lap of their owner, severe injury or death can result from the pressure of the airbag if it were to deploy. Smaller dogs are especially vulnerable. A dog is most safe when they are restrained with proper tools in the rear seat. Use a restraint that prevents movement or leaning. Disable the airbag if your dog is riding in the passenger seat. In some states, you may receive a ticket for distracted driving by having a dog in your lap behind the wheel.

Dogs Riding in Truck Beds

A dog riding in a truck bed can suffer injuries from debris that hurt their eyes, mouth, or nostrils. Too hot weather conditions may lead to heat exhaustion, which can quickly become a life-threatening condition. Even minor bumps in the road can send a dog out from the back of the bed and into the street, where other cars may be passing by. It is safer for a dog to ride in the cab, compared to a truck bed. If a truck bed is the only option, keeping the dog a secured crate may be the safest way to transport.

Vet Bills Can Accumulate

If your dog has serious injuries including lacerations, broken bones, or head injuries, going to a veterinary emergency clinic can be costly. Also, the stress of seeing your beloved dog in pain can be emotionally terrifying. Purchasing equipment that suits your dog’s needs and size can prevent having to go through the expensive and heartbreaking scenario of rushing them to a veterinary hospital.

Canine pets are often seen as family members for many owners. A pet should be secured safely, just as if a young child were to be riding in the car with their parent. There are easy strategies that can be used to help keep your fur baby from suffering injuries during a car collision. Practicing safe driving habits with your canine can lessen the chances of him or her having to recover from agonizing injuries.

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