Rideshare programs like Uber and Lyft have revolutionized how people choose their mode of transportation. If you grew up in the age of social media then choosing to an app to get you from the bar to home is second nature. For others, it is harder to conceive calling on a stranger to pick you up in a car that you have no idea where it has been. At least with a taxi service, you know that the cars have been inspected and the drivers tested in some way. Nonetheless, people choose to use Uber daily to get around town instead of using their own car or public transportation. Rides to the airport are particularly in demand for Uber drivers.

People want to find efficient ways to get to the airport without driving because they don’t want to pay to leave their personal cars in a parking lot. Leaving your car in a parking lot for days isn’t the healthiest or safest for your car. Not only is your car feeling the elements daily, but you are also leaving your car at risk for thieves. Most parking lots do not have 24-hour security and unwanted individuals may find their way into rummaging through your car. So, Uber is your best option. That is except if you were this older woman who was just trying to catch a plane.

A Bad Ending To A Beginning

Uber is a groundbreaking rideshare service that is conveniently nestled in between other apps in thousands of phones. Uber is the go-to ride-sharing service. However, just because something is popular does not mean that it is good. Uber drivers are not magically any better than other drivers. Uber drivers are just normal drivers who get paid to drive people around. They make mistakes, but sometimes those mistakes can take on dangerous consequences.

At the Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix, Arizona a witness saw an Uber car run over a 71-year old woman not once, but twice. The witness was a shuttle bus driver who just dropped off the 71-year old woman to catch her flight with her husband. The Uber car pulled up and said that he accidentally hit the gas instead of the break, but witnesses suggest that he just pulled up too fast and hit the woman. Then the Uber driver backed up, moved forward again and hit the woman again.

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