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TESTIMONIALS | Lorona | Mead, PLC | Client Review
TESTIMONIALS | Lorona | Mead, PLC | Client Review
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Randy B.

Jess Lorona, has been such a help to me for many years. In 1998, when I first came to know Jess, he not only got my fines and sentence reduced on a Federal case, many years later he came to my rescue again. Facing another case, that would have been very bad for me, he saw the circumstances and once again pleaded another miraculous plea deal for me. I owe Jess a very big thank you as my life was ready to be ruined. I have since gone on to have a very successful career. My whole family thanks you Jess.

Charles C.

At a most crucial time in my life, when as a plaintiff in a case I found myself in search of legal representation of a type most lawyers care not to deal with, my path led me to the door of Jess A. Lorona. As such, and while litigation continued on over a period of several years, I came to realize just how important my decision to team with Jess actually was…both for the outcome of my case in a legal sense and for the way that I would forever look at the profession of law and legal system, thereafter.
The particularly cruel nature of the legal system, by definition, can be tamed significantly by a lawyer sensitive to that nature, yet willing to take it on, nonetheless. Jess is one such lawyer.

Although important to me, it isn’t that the elements of my case were so profoundly interesting to the outside world; but that through the process of managing and implementing my case strategy, Jess developed a uniqueness to my case, a persona as it were, and one that I believe ultimately resulted in a certain respect from our adversaries and the court. And I believe that this, bolstered by facts and accuracy, has led to the peace I feel from my experience with the legal system.

Jess not only accepted my case, he believed in me. It is one thing to believe someone, and quite another to believe in someone. As I came to understand what guided Jess along his own path of development as an individual and a lawyer, I too believed in him. I found comfort in his friendly yet assertive demeanor. I was confident in the presentation of my case to the court because Jess was always prepared by the time a deadline rolled around. I enjoyed reading his assertions on my behalf, and he always allowed for my input, and in fact was eager to have it. Years of the accumulation of knowledge and life experience by Jess came together for me at precisely the right moment. And you have to love his smile!

I know that Jess is a family man and that he puts his faith not in his own plan, but in His plan. I can only imagine the peace in his heart for his approach to life for himself; for those whom he loves and is loved by; and, for his approach and favor toward the life of his clients and their loved ones.

With gratitude, I am a better man, a better person, a better believer because of my relationship with Jess. And further, I pray that others will choose as I have and place their confidence and case in the hands of Jess A. Lorona; an honest, qualified, respected and loved, lawyer and gentleman.

Brendan L.

Jess is probably one of the best lawyers in the Valley. He is well respected and well known amongst the judges. You would be hard-pressed to find a better, more experienced attorney who knows how to navigate the AZ court system. Jess was always able to answer my questions, gave me options and was able to expedite the process. I would highly recommend Jess Lorona and his firm for any legal work.

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