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Phoenix Precharge Lawyer

Precharge Lawyer Phoenix AZIf you have are being investigated and have fears about being charged with a crime, calling a precharge lawyer Phoenix AZ trusts might be a good idea. Lorona Mead is the kind of law firm you can count on for fast, honest, and reliable advice. Whether you are the one who has been investigated or are a close relative or friend, please call Lorona Mead now.

Why Consider a Phoenix Precharge Lawyer

While under an investigation by police, and before indictment, a precharge lawyer Phoenix AZ respects could be a valuable asset. At some point during this process, you may be questioned by law enforcement. No matter what you have been told, it is their job to get the answers they are looking for.

This could mean by any measures they deem fit; such as intimidation, coercion, and other clever tactics. If you’re not prepared to handle this situation, or do not understand your rights, you risk being manipulated into making statements that are not necessarily beneficial to your case. You have the right to an investigative lawyer Phoenix AZ depends on, and should take advantage of one. By making this decision the charges you are facing could be altogether thwarted.

Protecting Your Rights and Your Words

Retaining a precharge lawyer Phoenix AZ relies on for sound advice can help to put a barrier between you, law enforcement personnel, and the prosecution. Lorona Mead is prepared to be your wall and can help to keep your constitutional rights from being violated. Our firm can also guide you through the process and reduce the risk of any unintentional self-incrimination.

It is important to acknowledge that the prosecution and law enforcement are likely working hard to build a case against you. It is in your best interest to have a precharge lawyer Phoenix AZ has to offer on your side to ensure the state does not twist or manipulate anything you might have said.

Understanding Pre Indictment Investigations

Pre-indictment investigations are typically done just before the police contact you, or they may be carried out after police tried to talk to you. At this point, no criminal charges may have been filed and you have not been arrested. Law enforcement may be friendly and act as if they just have a few questions. Often it is very easy to let your guard down. Don’t speak with them, no matter what they tell you. It is your right to remain silent- use this right. Call a precharge lawyer Phoenix AZ offers immediately. Lorona Mead may be able to:

  • Prevent charges from being filed;
  • Reduce the charges;
  • Avoid arrest by assisting with a surrender deal;
  • Divert allegations;
  • Arrange informal resolutions;
  • Maintain all communications;
  • Schedule a risk assessment or polygraph based on confidentiality;
  • Present exculpatory evidence;
  • Enforce your constitutional rights;
  • Speak with investigators, police, and prosecution; and
  • Provide you with guidance and support.

The aforementioned are only some things Lorona Mead can do for you or a loved one. If you wish to talk to a precharge lawyer Phoenix AZ offers, please call our firm as soon as possible at 602-385-6825.

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