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Are you injured due to the negligent behavior of another among the skateboarders? A Tempe skateboard accident attorney Jess A. Lorona stands up for the rights of skateboarders and helps them recover financially from their injuries. Consult with Lorona Mead office right away following your accident to discuss your case’s particulars. Schedule your no-cost case review today by calling at 602-554-0006.
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Tempe Skateboard Accident Attorney

Skateboarding is a popular recreational activity that provides good exercise while also getting the skateboarder from one point to another. And it’s all fun and games until it’s not. There are more than 64K emergency room visits due to skateboarding accidents each year in this country, with thousands of them occurring in Arizona. While skateboarder errors are often to blame, this is not always the case. Many times the negligence of others causes skateboarders to become injured, and sometimes their injuries are quite significant. If you are among the skateboarders who are injured due to the negligent behavior of another, seeking Lorona & Mead’s help is an important first step in being made whole again following your accident.

Types of Tempe Skateboard Accidents

Skateboarding can be a thrill a minute until something happens to disrupt a fun afternoon of playful recreation. Some reasons that accidents occur among the skateboarding community include:

  • Skateboarders being struck by drivers who negligently enter a skateboard zone
  • Motor vehicles striking a skateboarder due to driver inattention, intoxication, speeding, distraction or other acts of recklessness
  • Defective surface areas in skate parks
  • Ill-maintained surfaces on sidewalks and other areas
  • Defective skateboarding equipment, including helmets
  • Poorly designed skateboard or skateboard defects

Injuries in a skateboarding accident range from minor to life-threatening and fatal. Injuries to the trunk, torso, legs, neck and arms are common and include fractures, strains, sprains, cuts and bruises. Facial injuries, including fractured jawbones and noses, and more severe injuries, including head injuries and concussions are also frequent. Truly catastrophic injuries may result in brain or spine trauma and a long road to recovery.

Liability in a Skateboarding Accident

When determining who is liable for the damages in your skateboarding accident, your Tempe skateboarding accident attorney will review your case carefully. Liability may fall on the driver of a motor vehicle that struck you while you were skateboarding, the owner of a skateboard park, the government entity responsible for upkeep of a sidewalk if the sidewalk allows for skateboarding, or even the manufacturer of the skateboard you were riding when the accident occurred. Once liability is established, your attorney will attempt to negotiate a settlement to recoup compensation for your damages. The amount of your award will likely reflect the extent of your injury, the amount of your medical bills, the cost of future care and medical treatment, any pain and suffering associated with your injury, and your loss of income. If you are filing a claim for a loved one who lost their life while skateboarding, then a wrongful death claim may encompass the contribution that your loved one made to your household finances as well as the loss of consortium and emotional support that resulted from their death.

Consulting with a Tempe Skateboard Accident Lawyer

Lorona Mead looks to stand up for the rights of skateboarders and help them recover financially from their injuries. Consult with our Tempe skateboard accident lawyer right away following your accident to discuss your case’s particulars. Schedule your no-cost case review today.

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