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Phoenix Rollover Accident Lawyer

Did you know that around one-third of all fatal car accidents in the United States each year involve a rollover? That means that approximately 10,000 people are killed in this way every single year, and yet it continues to happen. In case you are unsure what a rollover accident is, the term refers to one where at least one of the vehicles involved rolls onto its side or roof, with rollovers generally caused by driving at excessively high speeds, defective vehicle components, or a combination of both. If you, or a loved one, have been injured in a rollover accident in Arizona, a Phoenix attorney from Lorona Mead could ensure you recover the financial settlement you are entitled to.

Why Do Rollover Accidents Happen in Phoenix, Arizona?

Some of the main causes of rollover accidents – namely, high speeds and faulty car parts – have been mentioned briefly above, but there are several factors which tend to contribute to accidents of this type. While working as Phoenix rollover accident attorneys, the common causes we encounter generally include:

  • Driving at excessively high speeds
  • The design of a vehicle making it more likely to topple. For example, SUVs can be prone to rollovers in the event of a collision
  • Slippery or wet road surfaces
  • Roads which are particularly tricky to navigate, combined with unfamiliar drivers
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Defective tires
  • Defective or poorly maintained vehicle suspension
  • Defective or poorly maintained brakes

While driving in a responsible and considerate manner can reduce your likelihood of being involved in a rollover accident, you can never fully account for the behavior of other drivers. Perhaps your car rolled after being struck by a reckless driver, or maybe your vehicle collided with one which had rolled over. In the case of rollover accidents caused by defective tires, brakes, or other vehicle components, the collision may occur even when all motorists are behaving impeccably.

When you consult with a Phoenix rollover accident attorney about your case, we will assess each aspect of your accident, ensuring that the responsible motorist, or manufacturer of defective products, is held accountable for the consequences of their negligence or deliberately wrongful actions.

Speak to a Phoenix Rollover Accident Attorney Today to Recover the Compensation You Deserve

With over five decades of combined experience handling Phoenix personal injury cases, a lawyer from Lorona Mead could recover the maximum available amount of compensation on your behalf. The consequences of a rollover accident can be severe, and we firmly believe you should be compensated for injuries and damages incurred.

When a vehicle rollover occurs, the impact of this can mean that the injuries inflicted on you and other occupants of the vehicles involved are more severe than in other types of car accident. For example, crushed roofs, fuel fires, and collapsed pillars may have contributed to your injuries.

However, your Phoenix rollover accident was caused, and whatever the extent of your injuries, an outstanding attorney from Lorona Mead will work tirelessly to secure the outcome you deserve.

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