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When you are injured as a pedestrian due to criminal negligence or intoxicated driving, contact Tempe pedestrian accident attorney Jess A. Lorona at Lorona Mead, who can help you to get compensation, medical costs, lost income and wages, and pain and suffering. Call today at 602-554-0006 for a free consultation.
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Tempe Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Although most streets are safe for pedestrian foot traffic, that is not always the case. A morning walk to work or jaunt through the park in the afternoon can lead to a devastating Personal injury claim when pedestrians are struck by cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, buses and other vehicles. Some people escape pedestrian versus auto accidents with injuries, while others are not so lucky. In fact, the Governors Highway Safety Association notes that in 2017 alone, nearly 6,000 people died on America’s streets and highways while walking, and Arizona is among the five top states for pedestrian deaths alongside California, Florida, New York and Texas; these five states account for 43 percent of all pedestrian deaths in the country. If you have been hurt in a collision as a pedestrian, a Tempe pedestrian accident attorney is your first line of defense in seeking compensation for your injuries.

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

In a perfect world, everyone shares the road and has respect for others who are out and about running errands, going to school or work, or just enjoying the scenery. However, things can turn ugly quickly for pedestrians when careless drivers fail to share the roadway in a way that is safe for everyone. Whether caused by disregarding a traffic control device, failing to yield at a crosswalk, or just driver error, pedestrian accidents can leave behind significant injuries, sometimes even life-threatening injuries that require immediate medical attention, months of therapy, surgery, and other treatment. Tempe pedestrian accident attorneys often see cases where pedestrian accidents are caused by:

  • Intoxicated drivers who are taking drugs or drinking alcohol
  • Distracted drivers who text or talk on cellphones while driving
  • Drivers speeding who are unable to stop in time for a pedestrian
  • Overgrowth of trees and shrubs causing poor visibility of pedestrians
  • Illegally parked autos reducing crosswalk visibility

Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents

When a car versus a pedestrian, injury is inevitable. A pedestrian has no protection against the heavy steel of a truck, car, SUV or van. Because of this, pedestrian accidents often leave behind severe injuries that include broken bones, amputations, brain injuries, and spinal cord trauma. These types of injuries cause an intense amount of pain and suffering and may come with long recuperation times. Along with that, the injured pedestrian also faces mountains of medical expenses and may be unable to work due to their injuries.

Compensating Injured Pedestrians

As an injured pedestrian, you are entitled to compensation from your injuries. In cases where you are injured as a pedestrian due to criminal negligence or intoxicated driving, the court may award punitive damages to you to help compensate your loss. You can also file a claim for your medical costs, lost income and wages, and pain and suffering. If your pedestrian accident leads to a permanent disability, any award you are given may be greatly enhanced. Lorona & Mead Attorneys at Law has experienced personal injury lawyers on stand by to discuss your case. Schedule a consultation with a Tempe pedestrian accident attorney to find out more about your rights as an injured pedestrian and how our legal team can help.

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