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Phoenix Lyft Accident Lawyer

Despite some vocal resistance to ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft, they have becoming increasingly popular in Phoenix, Arizona and, in fact, numerous countries around the globe. When you need a quick ride across town, or have arrived somewhere new with no knowledge of the local transport network, a service like Lyft offers several benefits, including:

  • Instant access to the booking system through an app on your cellphone
  • Quick response times
  • Tracking your cab and receiving driver details before you ride
  • Cheaper fares than standard taxi cabs
  • No need for cash as you pay by card through the app
  • Ability to publicly rate your driver, and see the ratings awarded by previous customers

Most of those reasons share one core characteristic – convenience. As Uber and Lyft are more convenient and cheaper than traditional cabs, it is easy to understand why countless users opt for these ridesharing services every day.

As you may be aware, however, the convenience and affordability comes at a cost. One of the trade-offs involved in availing of a cheap and handy ridesharing service is the additional layer of complexity their introduction has added to Phoenix car accident law.

If you are involved in an accident while using the Lyft service, or are hit by a Lyft driver while driving your own vehicle, you could benefit from the expert legal guidance and support of a Phoenix Lyft accident attorney.

Who is Liable After a Phoenix Lyft Accident?

Determining liability after an accident involving a Lyft car is where much of the complexity lies, and why you should always instruct a Phoenix attorney to handle your case. Lyft, like many other large businesses, can afford a team of expert lawyers, who will be determined to shut down your claim. When you work with a Lorona Mead Phoenix Lyft accident attorney, you can benefit from the same determination, except this time we are working in your favor.

As with any other personal injury claim, your case will be subject to Arizona’s comparative negligence system, meaning you, the Lyft driver, Lyft themselves, and other parties may be deemed partially responsible. Where the Lyft driver is found responsible for the accident, Lyft may be forced to take responsibility for any damages which exceed the limits imposed by the driver’s personal auto insurance.

Both major ridesharing services – Uber and Lyft – hold $1 million of insurance for passenger or driver injuries. However, it is important to be aware that this insurance is only applicable where the driver is working on a Lyft job, with the app active on their cellphone. As Lyft and Uber both consider their drivers to be independent contractors rather than employees, they may also attempt to exploit this loophole to avoid liability.

In short, pursuing monetary damages after such an incident is a complicated legal matter, and should be entrusted to an experienced Phoenix Lyft accident attorney.

How to Secure the Full Amount of Compensation Available to You

There is no legal reason why you cannot seek compensation after a Lyft accident by yourself, although you are far more likely to encounter issues reducing or completely invalidating your claim when working alone. Through instructing a Phoenix Lyft accident attorney to act on your behalf, you stand an excellent chance of recovering the compensation you are entitled to.

To schedule your free initial consultation, where you can discuss your case with an expert Phoenix Lyft accident attorney, call us today on 602-554-0006.

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