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When medical malpractice occurs, the effects can be devastating. Treatments that are meant to heal can end up causing major injuries or even death if done improperly. In the aftermath, it can sometimes be difficult to tell who is responsible. You know that you are entitled to compensation, but you aren’t sure who from.According to the legal principle of “Respondent Superior,” employers are responsible for the actions of their employees, so long as those actions are within the normal scope of their employment. In the case of medical malpractice, this means that any negligence on the part of a hospital employee can be found as the responsibility of the hospital. So, when a nurse, attendant, or any other person on the hospital payroll makes a mistake that causes harm to the patient they are supposed to be healing, the hospital as an entity can be held liable.
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If you have been arrested and detained by a law enforcement officer, you have the legal right to an attorney. You should waste no time in contacting a criminal defense lawyer in Phoenix AZ to begin development of a defense strategy.

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