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When a dog attacks, who is liable? Neglectful dog owners should be held responsible for the damage their behavior has caused. Hire a Scottsdale dog attack attorney from Lorona Mead for your deserve compensation.
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Scottsdale Dog Attack Attorney

Since the year 2000, the number of dogs kept as pets in America has increased by 20 million. Now, nearly 90 million dogs are kept in Arizona and nationwide. There’s good reason for the popularity of dogs; they make loyal companions that can bring joy, teach responsibility, and provide opportunities for family fun. With that being said, it is important that dog owners take proper care in training and watching their dogs. If not, said dog may become prone to attacking innocent strangers. Dog Attacks can result in serious injury or worse.

Experiencing the misfortune of a dog attack can have traumatic repercussions. If you or a loved one has recently experienced a dog attack, you are likely familiar with the physical, emotional, and financial toll it can take. You may have lost trust in dogs, but in most cases, it is neglectful behavior of an owner that caused the attack. Dog owners have certain responsibilities they must follow by law. Failing to do so could make them liable in a dog attack claim. Deciding to pursue a claim can be a difficult and intimidating process. Knowing how to react to an unfamiliar dog, Arizona leash laws, and who can be held liable for a dog attack can help you come to a decision. Afterward, it may be wise to consult with a Scottsdale dog attack lawyer to begin the process of obtaining compensation for your pain and suffering.

Protecting Yourself During a Dog Attack

While some dog attacks are unavoidable, it helps to know how to handle yourself around unfamiliar dogs if the situation arises in the future. No matter the breed, an unfamiliar dog should never be approached without permission from its owner. If an unfamiliar dog approaches you, allow it to sniff without engaging it further. When a dog becomes aggressive, drop to the ground in the fetal position, protect your head and neck area, and remain motionless as possible.

Dog Leash Laws in Arizona

Dog owners are responsible for keeping others safe around their pets. Dogs are to be kept on leashes no longer than six feet when owners bring their dogs into public places. When at homes, dogs must be confined to the owner’s property. Although there are some public parks in Arizona that do not require leashes, owners are still responsible for maintaining control of their dogs. Since Arizona does not require a dog to have an aggressive behavioral history for victims to pursue a claim, dog owners must be especially vigilant in keeping their dog under control.

Your Next Step

Suffering from the physical injury, emotional hardship, and monetary loss of a dog attack has likely decreased your quality of life greatly. Neglectful dog owners should be held responsible for the damage their behavior has caused. If your or a loved one are dealing with the repercussions of a dog attack, you should consider a Scottsdale dog attack attorney. Attorneys at Lorona Mead have the experience necessary to fight for you in order to obtain compensation on your behalf. For a consultation, contact us at this link or give us a call at 602-554-0006 .

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