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If you are injured in a bicycle collision, there are several steps that you should take in order to better protect your ability to pursue a legal claim. Ask to Scottsdale pedestrian accident attorney.
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Scottsdale Bicycle Accident Attorney

Exploring Scottsdale via bicycle is a wonderful way to spend an evening. Bicycles are becoming a more popular way of travel nationwide. They provide great opportunities for exercise, transportation, and leisure. No matter how you choose to use your bicycle, you should take the necessary precautions to stay safe.

Even if you take the necessary precautions, riding a bicycle is not without risk. All the safety precautions in the world cannot prevent another person’s negligence. Negligent drivers who collide with cyclists can cause serious injury or even death in some cases. If you or a loved one have recently experience a bicycle accident, you likely know this to be true on an all too personal level. After an accident, there are certain things to consider before making a decision. However, before you decide how to proceed, it is always wise to discuss your options with a Scottsdale bicycle accident attorney.

Bicycle Accident Causes

Before making a decision regarding your bicycle accident, there is some essential information to identify, such as your riding conditions at the time of accident, the other parties involved in the accident, and the types of injuries you accrued.

The type of riding conditions you were dealing with when your accident occurred should be the base of any decision you make regarding a claim. It is important to identify any potentially hazardous conditions you were forced to ride on. Potentially hazardous conditions can include a poor roadway design. Potholes and other forms of roadway maintenance neglect are another common condition that influences accidents.

Negligent driving of somebody else also causes many bicycle accidents. Negligent driving is caused by a variety of things. Drivers could have been distracted by a mobile device. Exhaustion is another common cause of negligent driving. Other examples include failing to follow established traffic laws and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicycle accident injuries are usually severe because of the lack of external protection bicycles provide against vehicles. After all, despite the efficiency and enjoyment bicycles offer, they are just not designed to withstand impact with a vehicle. Injuries can range from concussions and road rash to broken bones, dismembered limbs, and traumatic brain injuries. No matter the severity of the injury, you should always seek medical treatment after experiencing a bicycle accident.

Responding to Your Accident

After sustaining a bicycle accident injury, your life may have hit a wall of physical pain and financial suffering. Your injuries may have been accompanied by costly medical bills and time away from work. All of this suffering could have been avoided without the presence of somebody else’s negligence. It would be wise to consult with a Scottsdale bicycle accident attorney. Doing so may be your best option to get your life moving on the right track again.

At Lorona Mead, our attorneys are equipped with the experience required to successfully pursue a bicycle accident claim and obtain compensation on your behalf. For a free case evaluation, click this link or give us a call at 602-554-0006 .

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