Commercial trucks help drive the economy. The more of them you encounter, the better the economy is performing. Even though these trucks are important you still need to be on your toes when driving near them in Phoenix. Large trucks are often involved in some of the most horrific accidents because of their weight and size. Our Phoenix truck accident attorney would like to share some tips with you for driving safely near commercial trucks so you can avoid an accident as much as possible.

Leave Space When Passing or Merging

You must leave plenty of space when passing or merging near large trucks. It doesn’t matter the type of road you are travelling, a large truck cannot stop on a dime if a vehicle cuts it off or doesn’t leave enough room when merging. Make sure you never cut it too close when merging onto a highway or changing lanes near a commercial truck. If there is not enough room to merge safely you should wait until the truck passes you to do so.

Blind Spots can be Deadly

The blind spots of a commercial truck can be deadly. It’s best for you to refrain from driving in the blind spot of a truck as much as possible. If you have to drive in a truck’s blind spot you should do so for only a couple of seconds or minutes and monitor the truck’s habits. Blind spots are on either side of a truck and in the rear.

Avoid Tailgating

Even though trucks take a while to get up to highway speed it’s best to never tailgate them in any situation or circumstance. Tailgating is a bad idea no matter the vehicle in front of you. It can be a deadly decision when you are behind a truck. Trucks sit higher off the ground compared to motor vehicles, which is why this situation can turn deadly. Too many times a car tailgating a truck finds itself lodged underneath the truck. This is quite difficult to survive.

Monitor the Truck’s Load

If the truck you are travelling near is a flatbed with a load on it, you should monitor that load at all times. You don’t know if it was secured properly, which means it could come loose at a moment’s notice. If the load begins to sway or items begin to move around the bed, you need to maneuver your vehicle to a safe location so that you are not hit by any objects that might fall onto the road in front of you.

Become a Defensive Driver

You’ve likely been told in the past that you need to drive defensively if you want to remain safe on the roads of Phoenix. This is an understatement. Defensive driving has saved lives in the past and it might save your life one day. Learn to spot the signs of a distracted truck driver. Learn to maneuver your vehicle at a moment’s notice to avoid a crash. Learn to figure out how to avoid an accident with a truck.

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