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Phoenix Fraud Lawyer

Fraud Attorney Phoenix AZWhen a person is being investigated or charged with fraud, it’s important to retain the services of an experienced fraud attorney Phoenix AZ residents recommend.

At Lorona Mead, we have more than five decades of combined legal experience advocating for our clients’ rights against overzealous prosecutors and law enforcement agencies. We are available to meet with you and discuss the details of your case and offer guidance as to how you may wish to proceed. When you need a dedicated Phoenix fraud attorney, we are the firm to call.

What Types of Crimes Does a Fraud Attorney Phoenix AZ Clients Rely on Defend Against?

White collar crime has become a catch-all phrase to describe a wide range of fraudulent crimes that are committed by individuals, businesses, or government officials in order to obtain financial gain. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the annual cost of white collar crimes is more than $300 million.

A successful defense of fraud is usually impossible without the assistance of an experienced fraud attorney Phoenix AZ locals recommend. Defending against charges related to a white collar crime of this nature is often very difficult and the legal process itself if challenging. Defendants who use a public defender or try to defend the case themselves often end up with a guilty conviction and harsh penalties.

  • Antitrust violations;
  • Bankruptcy fraud;
  • Bribery;
  • Counterfeiting;
  • Credit card fraud;
  • Economic espionage;
  • Embezzlement;
  • Environmental law violations;
  • Financial institution fraud;
  • Government fraud;
  • Healthcare fraud;
  • Identify theft;
  • Insider trading;
  • Insurance fraud;
  • Intellectual property and trade secret theft;
  • Internet and computer fraud;
  • Kickbacks;
  • Mail fraud;
  • Money laundering;
  • Mortgage fraud;
  • Public corruption;
  • Securities fraud;
  • Tax evasion; and
  • Telemarketing fraud.

Penalties for White Collar Crimes

Individuals as well as businesses can be charged and convicted of fraud and other white collar crimes. For those who are convicted, there are serious punishments that the courts can impose. Typically, the more substantial the financial losses of the victim or victims, the harsher the sentencing will be for the convicted. They may be sentenced to prison, home detention, supervised release, or community confinement. Very often the judge may also order them to pay the cost of the prosecution’s legal fees as well as large fines and make restitution to any victims who suffered financial harm. The court may also order the seizure of the defendant’s assets as payment towards the victim’s losses. Not only can a person who is convicted of fraud end up in prison, they may also lose their family home and savings to asset forfeiture.

Let a Skilled Fraud Attorney Phoenix AZ Protect Your Rights

If you need the services of a seasoned fraud attorney in Phoenix AZ, contact Lorona Mead immediately. The sooner your attorney can begin building a solid defense, the better your chances are of a positive outcome.

Contact a professional fraud attorney Phoenix AZ community members turn to from Lorona Mead at 602-385-6825 and request a free case evaluation.

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