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Phoenix Forfeiture Lawyer

Forfeiture Lawyer Phoenix AZIf your property or assets have been taken by the government without an arrest or warning, call a forfeiture lawyer Phoenix AZ trusts and relies on from Lorona Mead to explore your rights on this issue. Forfeiture is a complicated and highly controversial legal issue. In some cases of forfeiture, the government can take your home even if you have not been charged with a crime. These cases proceed under a concept of law that declares that cars, homes, and other assets can be “guilty” and thus revoked from their owners. Not only can they take your property without a conviction, but they can sell it for their own profit. If you have questions or concerns about forfeiture proceedings, call a Lorona Mead forfeiture lawyer Phoenix AZ relies on for their advice today.

There are three different types of legal forfeiture: criminal, civil, and administrative. Each has different nuances and intricacies that can better be explained by a local forfeiture lawyer in Phoenix AZ. Here is a general overview:

Civil Forfeiture

Civil forfeiture is a lawsuit brought against the property itself. It requires no arrest or conviction of the property owner and the property is the legal defendant. This type of forfeiture can be confusing because you do not have the same legal rights you would if you were the defendant. If your property has been seized in civil forfeiture speak to a forfeiture lawyer Phoenix AZ has to offer so that you can act quickly.

Criminal Forfeiture

Criminal forfeiture is when your property is seized after you have been arrested or convicted of a crime. It is a lawsuit directly against the owner and their property for criminal involvement and there must be charges filed in order to be classified as criminal forfeiture. If you have been warned of the potential for criminal forfeiture you should immediately seek counsel from a forfeiture lawyer Phoenix AZ is home to for legal advice.

Administrative Forfeiture

Administrative forfeiture is when the government can seize property without judicial review. There are many limitations and stipulations regarding administrative forfeiture the can be explained to you by a Phoenix forfeiture lawyer. This type of forfeiture is often seen in vehicles or other vessels used in the import, transport, or storage of illegal drugs or substances.

If your property or assets have been seized by the government for forfeiture you need to seek reputable legal counsel immediately. Our veteran lawyers at Lorona Mead can provide you with valuable advice about how it may be best to proceed during this confusing and difficult process. There is no reason to go unprotected during a forfeiture proceeding. Our attorneys are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of legal guidance to get you the results you may deserve. An experienced forfeiture lawyer from our firm can fight for you with focused dedication and tenacity. If you have any questions or concerns about the forfeiture process, call a reputable and trusted forfeiture lawyer Phoenix AZ can depend on today at 602-554-0006.

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