Have you had that sinking feeling that something was wrong? It’s a nagging feeling that just won’t go away. Then your phone rings. In your heart, you know that they are connected the feeling and the phone call and you don’t want to answer. Yet, you do. You here the officer at the other end and you fall to the floor. It is very rare for you to hear good things from the police calling your phone. Our Phoenix wrongful death lawyers at Lorona Mead understand the hardship of hearing someone you love has passed away. Our job is to hear those stories and encourage our clients to use more and more. In cathartic moments, our job is to write up all the details in order to get the story straight, and the story is simple: wrongful death due to the negligence of others.

DUI Car Fatality

Wrongful death is the death of anyone due to the “wrongful act, neglect, or default” of someone or some party. People tend to over think the meaning of neglect. It is just as simple as a car accident. For example, a Phoenix woman was arrested for manslaughter, aggravated assault, and endangerment after a fatal drunk driving car accident. The drunk driver crossed the center line hitting an Elantra head-on. The driver of the Elantra died, but the other three passengers survived with severe injuries. Two young children were amongst the passengers that survived. The preliminary breath test given to the drunk driver was a .202. The legal limit is .08.

The driver the Elantra died because of the wrongful or neglectful act of the drunk driver. The driver of the Elantra would be alive if it in it for the actions of the drunk driver. That is evidence enough to start a lawsuit against the drunk driver.

Who Can Sue?

Arizona has very specific requirements for who can start a wrongful death suit. As stated in Section 12-612, the specific survivors who can file a suit are the spouse, child, parent or guardian, or legal representative. The list does not include siblings, cousins, aunts or uncles, grandparents, or other family titles unless they were given the legal responsibility for the victim. Likewise, the payout for the wrongful death is only provided to those certain relationships too.

The damages are evaluated by the court. In most cases, people receive compensation for current and future earnings of the deceased victim, medical, funeral, and burial costs, and the pain and suffering of the surviving family.

What To Do

If you are in a situation where your loved one’s death was directly linked to the neglect or wrongful act of someone or some party, you need to seek legal assistance. Our Phoenix Wrongful Death Attorneys are here to help you process through the whole thing. We understand the hardship and we are ready to fight hard for you; to bring you peace and justice. Call 602-554-0006 or click here to start your journey to success with our professional attorneys at Lorona Mead in Phoenix today.