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Phoenix Drug Crime Lawyer

Drug Crime Attorney Phoenix AZ Criminal LawyerAt Lorona Mead, you can find a drug crime attorney Phoenix AZ residents hire when faced with a serious charge. If you have been arrested for selling or possessing narcotics, contact our office immediately. We offer a free case evaluation for those who may need a qualified attorney to represent them.

In the United States, when a person is accused of a crime, but cannot afford an attorney to represent them, the court will appoint a public defender to protect the accused’s rights. However, the court-appointed lawyer may not be familiar with drug crimes. He or she may not be as qualified to represent you as a Phoenix drug crime attorney. Lorona Mead lawyers have extensive experience representing clients charged with drug-related crimes.

Types of Drug Crimes

A drug crime attorney Phoenix AZ trusts from Lorona Mead has represented individuals who have been charged with various types of drug crimes. Some of these crimes carry heavy prison sentences while others are more likely to result in shorter jail time or probation. Let’s have a closer look at the different types of drug crimes:

  • Possession: It’s against the law to possess illicit drugs, like marijuana, ecstasy and cocaine. The penalty for possession depends on the quantity of drugs someone is found with. If a person possesses a small quantity of drugs, he or she may get charged with simple possession. However, if there is a large amount of drugs in a person’s possession, the police may charge him or her with an intent to sell, which comes with harsher penalties.
  • Selling or Intent to Sell: A drug crime attorney in Phoenix AZ may have provided legal representation to individuals accused of selling illegal drugs to other people. Drug dealing generally involves selling small amounts of drugs, so the penalties aren’t as severe as the penalties for trafficking.
  • Trafficking: Trafficking involves selling and transporting large amounts of illegal drugs. It’s one of the most serious drug crimes a drug crime attorney deals with, and a conviction often results in prison time. Depending on the quantity of illegal drugs found and on the person’s criminal background, trafficking can lead to anywhere from three years to life in prison.
  • Drug Manufacturing: Manufacturing involves producing illegal drugs and can result in harsh punishments, such as heavy fines and prison time. Individuals charged with drug manufacturing may want to come to a drug crime attorney Phoenix AZ respects for dependable legal counsel.

Federal Drug Charges

A person can be charged with a drug crime even if they are not in possession of any drugs. In fact, it is entirely possible for law enforcement to charge a person with drug charges based on his or her relationships with friends or associates. On the federal level, this can be accomplished by charging the person with conspiracy to break a federal drug law.

At Lorona Mead, we have over 50 years of combined experience representing clients against drug crimes. If you are being investigated or have already been charged with a federal drug crime, contact us to find out how a drug crime attorney from our firm may be able to help.

Federal Drug Conspiracy

Federal drug conspiracy crimes in Phoenix AZ are based on federal laws. A charge of conspiracy to distribute or traffic drugs is a serious drug charge depending on the amount of drugs involved. Additional factors, such as whether or not the defendant was armed while committing the underlying conspiracy crime, may increase the ultimate sentence.

To be charged as a co-conspirator, the defendant must have been connected to the conspiracy in any capacity. For example, if the defendant did the accounting or if he or she provided security for the people who were doing the actual drug distribution, with knowledge of what they were doing, it is likely that this person can be charged with conspiracy.

In order to get a conviction for conspiracy to distribute or traffic drugs, the prosecution only has to prove the following to support the conspiracy part of the charge:
1. The conspirators shared a purpose to break a federal drug law.
2. The defendant knowingly and voluntarily agreed to join the conspiracy in working towards that purpose.

The evidence provided to prove this does not have to be direct evidence, but can also be circumstantial evidence.
Because of the nature of a conspiracy charge, Phoenix AZ police officers generally rely on co-conspirators turning on each other and turning into informants or prosecution witnesses. Therefore, just because someone was not arrested with or near any drugs does not mean he or she cannot be charged based on another person’s testimony.

The sentences for conspiracy charges track those of the underlying crime the defendant is charged with conspiring to commit. Therefore, if convicted, a person could face anywhere from one year in prison to life imprisonment, depending on the drug and the amount. In addition, after conviction, and in some cases before, the government may seize any of the defendant’s assets that they can connect to the drug conspiracy as either proceeds or evidence of the crime.

Tips for Dealing With a Drug Charge

There’s no doubt that getting charged with a drug crime can be overwhelming and scary. The way you deal with this charge can have a great impact. Here are some useful tips for dealing with a drug charge:

Get a Referral: If you are comfortable doing so, ask your friends or family members if they can recommend a drug crime attorney in Phoenix AZ. In addition, you may find positive online reviews for a drug crime attorney.

Don’t Speak to the Police Immediately: It is not advisable to speak to the police about your charge without your Phoenix drug crime attorney present. The police may want to get information from you so that they can build a stronger case against you. If the police ask to talk to you, tell them that you can’t discuss your case without your lawyer.

Avoid Sharing Details About Your Case Publicly: If you are dealing with a drug charge, you may be tempted to discuss your case with close family members and lean on them for support. This may backfire. If they are subpoenaed, they are required by law to tell the court what you told them.

Follow Your Attorney’s Advice: Your drug crime attorney has your best interests in mind, so it may be a wise idea to follow their advice.

Preparation for Meeting with a Drug Crime Attorney in Phoenix AZ
Before your first meeting with a drug crime attorney Phoenix Arizona locals hire under similar circumstances, collect the necessary documentation. This may include:

  1. Court paperwork that lists any and all charges against you.
  2. The date of your next court appearance.
  3. Your bail paperwork.
  4. A copy of the police report and any other documentation they gave you.
  5. Personal identification such as your driver’s license.
  6. If the attorney’s office sent you a questionnaire, fill it out and take it with you, unless they requested you to mail it in ahead of the meeting. Allow the post office sufficient time to deliver it to the attorney.
  7. Write down any information that might help your case and make sure it’s legible for the attorney to read. You may include:
  • Names and contact information for witnesses
  • Names and contact information for victims
  • Names and contact information for other defendants in addition to yourself
  • Write down a list of questions that you have for the attorney.
  • A pen and paper to take notes during your meeting.

During the Meeting with Your Attorney

Keep the following in mind when you meet with a drug crime attorney in Phoenix AZ:

  1. Talk. Be prepared to tell the attorney anything about the case that they need to know. Remember that it’s their job to help you, so help them to do that by providing the information they need. What you tell them is confidential, and you can confirm that with them prior to starting the conversation.
  2. Ask questions. Work from your list of pre-written questions. If more questions come up, ask them too. Don’t forget to ask about how much the attorney charges and what fees need to be paid upfront.
  3. Listen. It’s your attorney’s job to understand the law and how it will apply in your case. He or she can tell you what will likely come next in the legal process. Remember that you’ve hired a professional, so trust that they have your best interest in mind. At Lorona Mead, our attorneys work very hard to protect the rights of our clients.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for a state or federal drug crime, you need an experienced attorney defending you in court. Contact the law firm of Lorona Mead when you need an experienced drug crime attorney Phoenix AZ locals trust.

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