You never expect to be involved in an accident by simply crossing the street. Sadly, reports show that Pheonix is the highest ranking city for pedestrian deaths throughout the state with 30 deaths for every 100 thousand people. Being involved in a pedestrian accident in Pheonix and elsewhere in Arizona can be catastrophic. That is exactly what happened during a seemingly routine night in Pheonix.

In a tragic accident earlier this month, one pedestrian is dead. A 58-year old man, Sam Veazey, was crossing the street around 9 pm when he was struck by an impaired driver. The driver alleges that the crash was unavoidable and he never saw Veazey. At the time of this writing, the driver has not been identified and was charged with a DUI. No additional charges have been filed but the accident is still under investigation.

Pedestrian Accidents in Pheonix

One of the worst types of personal injury accidents are those that involve a pedestrian and a motor vehicle. Often, the pedestrian does not survive the accident due to the sheer force of the vehicle and lack of protection that a person has. There are various reasons for pedestrian accidents including poor intersection lighting, distracted driving, and not looking both ways. However, impaired driving accounts for nearly half of all pedestrian deaths in Arizona. Pheonix and its surrounding areas are infamous for poor lighting and poorly constructed crosswalks. Arizona has so far done nothing to improve or fix these concerns, while many other cities and states have redesigned their roads and implemented new laws. According to an analysis conducted by The Republic, Pheonix has installed 20 new crosswalks in areas that do not see significant pedestrian accidents. City officials cite a lack of funding as the cause for slow progress.

The HAWK signals are a crosswalk initiative the city is trying in order to prevent more pedestrian accidents. These signals flash three lights toward oncoming traffic to warn that a pedestrian is about to cross. The lights are not always placed at intersections but can be seen midblock to give drivers ample time to slow down and watch for pedestrians. These types of signals have shown a decrease in other cities like in Tucson, who saw a 69% decrease in pedestrian accidents.

What you can do

It seems that Pheonix is making slow progress toward irradicating pedestrian crashes and that there will be many other victims in the meantime. Pedestrians may often face spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, loss of limb and even death when being struck by a motor vehicle. The Pheonix pedestrian accident attorneys at Lorona Mead understand the difficulties you are facing and are standing by to help. We will seek compensation for lost income, medical expenses, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of companionship. Whether you have been injured as a result of an impaired or distracted driver or have lost a loved one, we can help. Contact us today for an initial consultation by calling us at 602-554-0006 or filling out our contact form.