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What should you discuss with a top criminal defense lawyer Phoenix AZ has to offer about sexual assault?

Criminal Defense Lawyer Phoenix AZIf you have been sexually assaulted, you may wish to talk to a criminal defense lawyer Phoenix AZ trusts about the possibility of filing a civil lawsuit against your assailant. A crime of this nature can cause physical and emotional damage that can last indefinitely. Our legal team has a sincere understanding and tremendous compassion for the sensitive nature of these cases. At Lorona | Mead, it is our mission to fight on behalf of victims of sexual assault who are looking to seek compensation for their suffering. Compensation can also make it possible for the victim to receive the counseling they need as part of their healing process.

The Legal Definition of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can apply to a variety of incidents where one party engages in sexual contact with someone without their consent. Cases of this nature have been filed against a vast array of people in the past. Some include teachers, doctors, religious leaders, and other members of society that are generally respected. In fact, sexual assault cases may be more challenging to deal with if it involves someone you personally know or believed you could trust. If you’re interested to know about the legal ramifications of a sexual assault, a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer at Lorona | Mead can answer your questions in depth.

Regardless of who committed the sexual act, you may wish to speak with a criminal defense lawyer Phoenix AZ is proud to have fighting for its community. A Lorona | Mead lawyer can protect your rights while assisting you in the pursuit of the compensation you deserve.

The Potential Long Term Effects of Sexual Assault

The long-term effects from experiencing sexual assault are highly possible. Even if no physical injuries took place, there is a strong likelihood that the victim sustained emotional and psychological injuries which can persist for a long time. Sexual assault and abuse can cause the victim to experience post-traumatic stress disorder, which can require extensive therapy and/or medical care. Though a therapist can be of great benefit, without a settlement it may not be possible to afford treatment. Do not hesitate to contact a criminal defense lawyer Phoenix AZ residents deserve if you feel as if you are a victim of sexual assault.

There are many lawyers who handle cases relating to sexual assault, but it’s important to find the right one for you. A criminal defense lawyer in Phoenix AZ from Lorona | Mead can meet with you during a free, confidential consultation and address your questions and concerns. Lorona | Mead lawyers are compassionate, persistent, understanding, and highly competent. Our legal team understands all of the difficulties associated with a case of this sensitive nature and our actions will reflect this.

To schedule a meeting with an experienced criminal defense lawyer Phoenix AZ residents trust, contact Lorona | Mead at 602-554-0006 today and request a free consultation.

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