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Criminal Defense Lawyer Phoenix AZIf you have been arrested and charged, or are facing charges, for a crime, you may want to consider having a criminal defense lawyer Phoenix AZ offers on your side. These situations are nothing to take lightly and can impact your life in a serious way. By choosing to have a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer hear you case, you can feel peace of mind in knowing that your situation is in good hands. At Lorona Mead, we understand the emotions you may be going through. We work to protect your rights and prevent you from getting the harshest penalties. For a free consultation, please call us now.

When you are facing criminal charges, or have reason to believe the police would like to speak to you about an investigation, you might feel overwhelmed, confused, or scared. This might be especially true if you are new to the criminal justice system. Naturally questions and concerns can arise and navigating their answers without an experienced criminal defense lawyer Phoenix AZ trusts could prove to be challenging. This is one of many reason it’s prudent to retain the services of a lawyer. In fact it could be the smartest move at this point in time.

I have not been charged with a crime, do I still need a criminal defense lawyer in Phoenix AZ?

When a serious crime has been committed, the police may take days, months, or even years (in certain instances) to investigate the crime before making an official arrest. If you are a suspect, the police might contact you to ask questions or give a statement. Alternatively, you might hear through the grapevine that you are a suspect, but not be directly contacted yet. Although you don’t need a criminal defense lawyer Phoenix AZ provides, it would not be a bad idea to consult one. By doing so, you can get an understanding of what might happen and learn your options. Should you be arrested and charged, you may already know what to do. Plus, your lawyer can have the general knowledge of your situation and can immediately begin to build a defense on your behalf.

Even if you are not guilty, its advisable to have a criminal defense lawyer Phoenix AZ respects working your case. Even though the U.S. criminal justice system has a policy of ‘innocent until proven guilty’, too many people have gone to jail or prison even though they were indeed innocent. Biases, harsh judgments, unlawful processing, and rights violations are all potential outcomes of being charged. The fact of the matter is that you should have a criminal defense lawyer Phoenix AZ families count on for transparent legal help.

Lorona Mead is On Your Side

Lorona Mead has the experience and resources needed to fight for your charges. If you are ready to get started on defending your case against what police and prosecutors are saying, you should call Lorona Mead, a criminal defense lawyer Phoenix AZ provides, at 602-385-6825.

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