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Don’t Do These Things After an Automobile Accident

Car Accident Lawyer Phoenix AZAny car accident lawyer Phoenix AZ drivers trust may tell you that while you can do things to help prevent automobile accidents, you can’t completely avoid them. In 2015, there were over 4 million people injured or killed in the United States due to automobile accidents. With such a high number, anyone’s chance of having a car accident is higher than they may think. Your Phoenix AZ auto accident lawyer may be your best tool if you’re injured in an accident.

Don’t Leave the Scene of an Accident

You don’t want to leave the scene of an automobile accident without notifying the proper authorities. The police need to write an accident report, which you and your auto accident lawyer Phoenix AZ residents trust may use in the future when seeking damages for injuries sustained in the accident.

Don’t Forget to Get Detailed Information

Any auto accident lawyer Phoenix AZ drivers rely on may tell you that sometimes drivers fail to get enough information at the scene of an accident. Whether you are injured, in shock, or simply forget, this could be a big mistake. Do your best to get pictures of the damages and the scene and make some quick notes immediately after the accident so you remember what happened.

You also want to gather the other driver’s information and any details from witnesses who saw the crash, as well as their full contact information. Your auto accident lawyer in Phoenix AZ may need to contact them to help build your case.

Don’t Admit Fault Directly or Indirectly

You don’t want to admit any fault to the other driver, the police on the scene, or the insurance company. This can be tricky because admitting fault isn’t always simply saying that the accident was your fault. Sometimes, even apologizing for what happened can be considered admitting fault.

Don’t fall into that trap. You can ask the other driver if they are okay and be friendly as you exchange information, but avoid apologizing or getting into emotional exchanges that may cause you to say something that will be used against you in the future.

Don’t Refuse Medical Treatment

Your auto accident lawyer Phoenix AZ drivers trust may tell you that the sooner you seek medical treatment, the better. You may think you don’t need it because you don’t feel any injuries, but some injuries take days or weeks to appear. Additionally, by seeking immediate medical care, you are showing any involved parties that you take your health seriously and may be really injured.

If you don’t seek immediate medical care and end up with some more serious injuries, the other lawyers and insurance agents may argue that your injuries aren’t serious because they weren’t drastic enough for you to seek timely medical care. This can really get tricky, so the best thing to do may be to stay on top of your medical care just in case.

These are just a few of the things you don’t want to do after an accident if you want to have a chance at seeking compensation for your injuries. Remember you don’t have to file a case and go after damages alone. Call an auto accident lawyer Phoenix AZ residents trust at 602-385-3825 today.

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