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When it comes to a good auto accident lawyer Central Phoenix AZ residents often turn to Lorona Mead to handle their car accident cases.
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Qualifying for a Car Accident Claim

Auto Accident Lawyer Central Phoenix AZWhen it comes to a good auto accident lawyer Central Phoenix AZ residents often turn to Lorona Mead. Our firm has more than five decades of combined legal experience assisting men, women, and families with their personal injury claims. We understand this time can be very confusing and also carry an enormous amount of stress. It is our goal to ease your worries, concerns, and fears and get you the results that you deserve.

As some of the most aggressive, knowledgeable, and experienced lawyers in the area, we are ready to do whatever is legally possible to get justice. If you would like to speak with a Central Phoenix auto accident lawyer, please call our firm today.

What Constitutes a Car Accident Claim

You might have been told by friends and family members that to file a claim your car accident must have been serious, fatal, or one that did not include any negligence on your part. Contrary to these beliefs, there are many ways and reasons to file a claim with an auto accident lawyer Central Phoenix AZ victims call.

In general, all that needs to be involved is negligence, wrongdoing, or carelessness which then led to moderate to severe or fatal injuries. Even if you were partially to blame, you may still have a valid claim. This is very general so please follow up with our firm for more information.

Reasons for a Car Accident

A collision can be the result of numerous situations. In fact, it could occur anywhere and at anytime. Due to the high amounts of traffic on roads, no one is completely safe from being in an accident. Side streets, parking lots, on and off ramps, and intersections are typically more accident prone, but collisions can also occur on highways, interstates and other roads.

A collision might involve another vehicle, object, cyclist, motorcyclist, commercial truck, or pedestrian. Typically, the greater the speed and the larger the impact between two or more objects, the worse the accident will be. Examples of collisions an experienced auto accident lawyer Central Phoenix AZ clients depend on might be familiar with include:

  • Hitting a bicycle;
  • Hitting a pedestrian;
  • Hitting an object on the road;
  • Vehicle rollover;
  • Sideswipe collision;
  • Rear end collision;
  • Head on collision;
  • Single car accident; and
  • Multi-car pile-ups.

Car accident claims might also factor in the weather and road conditions, as well as whether or not there were any faulty parts on the vehicle, street light, and so forth.

Common Types of Injuries

The injuries sustained in a car accident can vary from person to person. Some may be mild or moderate, but still have a significant impact on the victim’s life. Others may be so severe that their entire life will be changed forever. No matter what happened to you, an auto accident lawyer Central Phoenix AZ families rely on can help you to get the compensation you need and deserve. Our firm has helped clients who have experienced:

  • Severe bruising and swelling;
  • Severe whiplash;
  • Neck, spine, and back injuries;
  • Head injuries;
  • Brain damage;
  • Temporary vocal cord paralysis;
  • Chest trauma or collapsed lungs;
  • Organ damage or internal bleeding;
  • Broken bones and sprains;
  • Cognitive problems;
  • Burns, abrasions, severe cuts;
  • Paralysis;
  • Loss of limb; and
  • Death.

This list is not exhaustive. It is possible for an auto accident lawyer in Central Phoenix AZ to also include emotional or mental injuries such as shock or PTSD into a personal injury claim. If you are ready to get honest legal advice, please call an car accident attorney Phoenix provides from Lorona Mead at 602-385-6825.

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