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3 Common Causes of Premises Liability Lawsuits - Lorona Mead
Premises liability is an area of tort law that deals with a premises owners’ duty to keep his/her property in good repair.
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3 Common Causes Of Premises Liability Lawsuits

Posted by Lorona Mead on March 17, 2018
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Premises liability is an area of tort law that deals with a premises owners’ duty to keep his/her property in good repair. The Philadelphia slip and fall lawyers at Wieand Law Firm litigate numerous cases each year where people are seriously hurt because of a defective or hazardous condition of someone else’s property.

There are countless types of property hazards or dangers that can cause injury if a premises is not properly maintained. Three of the most common property hazards are:

Defective Sidewalks – Sidewalks can be defective for a myriad of reasons. Some common sidewalk defects include broken pavement, holes in the sidewalk, uneven sidewalk and areas of the sidewalk that protrude above another creating a tripping hazard. If you fall and are hurt on a defective sidewalk you may have the right to bring a claim for compensation for your harms and losses. A phoenix slip and fall lawyer can help you determine whether your case is meritorious, and if so, file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf.

Icy Sidewalks – A sidewalk may be defective because the owner or manager failed to clear ice or snow in a reasonable period of time after a storm. A fall on an icy sidewalk can cause debilitating injuries such as broken bones, herniated discs and traumatic brain injury. Most property owners carry liability insurance to cover damages to pedestrians who are injured on a defective property. Liability insurance will cover damages such as pain and suffering, medical bills and lost wages.

Defective Stairs – Stairs need to be designed and maintained in a safe manner for the protection of everyone who uses the stairway. It is self evidence that a defective stairway can cause serious injury or even death. Some defects which may result in liability to a property owner include failure of the rise and run to conform to code, lack of a handrail, stairs that are unsteady or collapse due to lack of maintenance.

A property owner may be found negligent if he not maintain his property in a reasonably safe condition. When someone is seriously injured as a result of a property owners negligence they may be able to sue for injuries and damages caused in civil court. A knowledgeable premises liability lawyer in your area can explain this nuanced area of law in greater detail, including helping you determine what your personal injury claim is worth for settlement purposes.

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