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Personal Injury Lawyer Phoenix AZWhen you or a family member has been injured because of another person’s negligence, it may be a good idea to contact a personal injury lawyer Phoenix AZ residents trust. Lorona Mead is the kind of law firm you can count on for honest legal advice. Our vast experience has enabled our lawyers to reach a successful outcome on thousands of claims. Regardless of how complex a case might be, we are confident in our ability navigate the legal system and seek justice. If you would like to speak with a Phoenix personal injury lawyer about your situation, please call Lorona Mead at (602) 385-6825.

The insurance adjusters keep calling me. What can I do?

It is the job of an insurance company to not only determine how the accident took place, but also to identify the at-fault party. Most importantly, the insurance company does not want to lose out on too much money. After all, insurance firms are businesses and want to make a profit.

At some point, following the incident, you may receive contact from your insurance adjuster or the insurer of the other party. Usually made via a phone call, this conversation may be very casual and even friendly. The insurer might begin to ask an assortment of questions about things such as your occupation, lifestyle, home life, and medical history. They may also want to know about the incident itself and other relevant details.

A personal injury lawyer in Phoenix AZ would suggest to simply decline answering to any of these questions – even if they seem harmless. Upon declining, you might be told that you have no case, you don’t need a lawyer, you will get maximum compensation, or other bold statements. The reality of the situation is that these companies often say these things in hoping victims don’t call a personal injury lawyer Phoenix AZ has to offer. When a lawyer gets involved, victims might get more money than the insurance company was willing to give.

Anything you say during these conversations could be used against you. For example, if you tell an insurance adjuster that you injured your back 10 years ago, they may assess your current injuries and associate them with the past injury instead. This could leave you fighting for compensation that you truly deserve from the most recent accident.

If and when you are contacted by the insurance adjuster, it is okay (and recommended) to let them know your personal injury lawyer Phoenix AZ trusts will be in touch shortly. You can say this even if you have not found a lawyer; however, if this is where you’re currently at, you can call Lorona Mead for a personal injury lawyer Phoenix AZ residents would recommend.

Scheduling a Free Consultation with Lorona Mead

When you meet with one of the lawyers from Lorona Mead, he or she will walk you through the process of your claim and discuss various factors that may influence the compensation you may be eligible for. If you would like to know more, please schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer Phoenix AZ provides by calling Lorona Mead at (602) 385-6825.