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When it comes to providing a criminal defense lawyer Phoenix AZ citizens have turned to for help for decades, the legal firm of Lorona Mead is proud to serve our community. Our clients range in age, background, and social status. We also provide criminal defense for clients accused of white collar crimes.

What is a white collar crime?

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that white collar crimes in the United States may total as much as $660 billion per year. Criminal offenses that do not involve violence are considered to be white collar crimes. Very often, that criminal offense is fraud. Fraud takes many forms but involves deception of the victim in order to convince them to give up their money or other types of assets such as property. As a criminal defense lawyer Phoenix AZ residents turn to for legal representation will tell you, white collar crimes are generally very different from other types of criminal offenses.

  • White collar crimes are financial in nature.
  • The crimes can be committed against an individual, group, or the general public.
  • They are often committed by people who are well respected within their community such as senior level business people, medical professionals, politicians, etc.
  • White collar crimes of fraud are often committed in conjunction with other types of fraud such as wire fraud.

White Collar Crimes Criminal Defense

If you are in need of a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer, contact Lorona Mead at (602) 385-6825 to schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled attorneys. After a careful review of your criminal charges and case, you may have a much clearer picture of your legal options. We provide criminal defense for those accused of any form of white collar crime including but not limited to:

  • Money laundering.
  • Bank, check, computer, or mail fraud.

Consequences of a White Collar Crime Conviction

Every case is unique which is why it’s important that you consult with a criminal defense lawyer in Phoenix AZ from Lorona Mead to know the possible consequences of a conviction. However, here are some general guidelines of what you can possibly expect if found guilty of a white collar crime:

  • Imprisonment, house arrest, or probation.
  • Fines.
  • Restitution to victims.
  • Damage to your professional and personal reputation.
  • Embarrassment for yourself, your family, neighbors, and friends.

Common Examples of White Collar Crimes

Modern technology and the explosive popularity of the Internet has made it easier than ever to perpetrate white collar crimes. Anonymity while using an Internet-connected computer plus the plethora of digital currency options means that white collar crimes can now be committed by virtually anyone regardless of age or educational background. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer Phoenix AZ highly respects, Jess A. Lorona, founding partner of Lorona Mead has represented a wide variety of clients. What those clients share are the criminal charges brought against them from one or more of these white collar crimes:

  1. Fraud. This is the intentional act of deceiving someone for financial or personal gain. Common methods are:
    1. Identity theft.
    2. Making false statements.
    3. Credit card fraud.
    4. Submitting a false insurance claim.
  2. Counterfeiting or forgery. This can involve:
    1. Currency.
    2. Bank bills or promissory notes.
    3. Checks or drafts.
    4. Wills.
  3. Identity theft. This is the act of stealing identifying information of someone else’s for fraudulent reasons. It can include:
    1. Social security number.
    2. Credit cards.
    3. Birth certificate.

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The legal firm of Lorona Mead is here for you if you have questions about your criminal case and are seeking representation. Our team of attorneys is highly knowledgeable about federal and state criminal laws. We are aggressive in fighting for the rights of our clients. Contact us at (602) 385-6825 for a free and confidential assessment of your case. When you need a criminal defense lawyer Phoenix AZ trusts, call Lorona Mead.